Vancouvria: Dream of the Suburbs, A Funny Spoof of Portlandia

Portland filmmaker Brighton West has created Vancouvria: Dream of the Suburbs, a brilliant spoof video of Portlandia: Dream of the 90s, the original promotional video for the IFC comedy, Portlandia. The music video stars Scott and Deidra as Fred and Carrie, with music from AlexianSounds, announces “that the dream of the suburbs is alive in Vancouver” (Washington). Interestingly, Vancouvria will not just be a one-up spoof video, as Brighton and the cast have been filming additional episodes for a future ongoing web show.

If Portland is the place where 20 year olds go to retire, Vancouver is the place where 50 year olds go to avoid income tax. Welcome to Vancouvria – it’s what Portlandia would be if it was filmed in Portland’s northern suburb of Vancouver Washington.

Here’s the original promotional video of Portlandia: Dream of the 90s for comparison:

…Scott and Diedra as Fred and Carrie in Vancouvria

Thanks to Rebecca for the tip!

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff