Vampires vs. Unicorns, A Beautifully Illustrated Card Throwing/Tile Game Pitting Horn Against Tooth

In the Box

Vampires vs. Unicorns: Floor War Game is a unique card throwing/tile game created by game designer Jim DuBois and Hi-Fructose co-founder Attaboy and features incredible illustration by artists Travis Louie (Vampires) and Travis Lampe (Unicorns). Attaboy is currently raising funds through Kickstarter to bring the game to market.

VAMPIRES vs. UNICORNS: Floor War is a hilariously fun THROWING CARD game with unexpected results, featuring fantastic hand painted art by TRAVIS LAMPE and TRAVIS LOUIE! Draw from your deck of cards to RAISE THE DEAD, cause a UNICORN STAMPEDE, and more! It’s up to you to find the best throwing technique to destroy your opponent’s FLOOR TILES, but, like, BEWARE! As not all tiles are the same! It’s HORN vs. TOOTH, HOOF vs. CLAW!

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Vampire Cards

Tile Cards

Unicorn Tile Cards