An Impressive Supercut That Celebrates the Incredible Power of the Use of Props in Films

Filmmaker Rishi Kaneria has created “Why Props Matter”, an impressive supercut of a great many films that celebrate the incredible power that props lend to the identity of a film, whether big or small, shiny or dull, overt or subtle.

Great props can transcend the boundaries of the films they are in and become legendary icons of cinema and pop culture. They can show the progress of mankind. Or reveal the hidden beauty of the world. A prop can be used as an opener for your film. Or set you up for a sequel. A prop can draw you into a scene. Or help you cut to another. A prop can be so important that it’s in the title of your film. Or it can BE the title of your film. A good prop can represent a character. To the point where you can’t think about that object without thinking about that character. It can sum up their internal struggles. Or sum up their way of life. Or give you a glimpse into their personality. A prop can show a character’s unique gift. Or a character’s unique madness. And sometimes a prop can actually BE a character in your film. And on rare occasions a single prop has the power to represent a man’s entire life.