The Dedicated Ukrainian Hutsul Family Who Keeps Traditional Weaving Alive in Times of War and Peace

Business Insider visited the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine to learn more about the dedicated Hutsul women who weave beautiful goods (blankets, rugs, pillows, coats, and clothing) from wool that is sheared directly from sheep.

A woman named Natalya explains how this long-held tradition has been kept alive throughout times of war and peace. She also shows how they shear the wool, how she soaks it to clean it and make the strands brighter, how she spins the wool, and how she weaves beautiful designs as she’s weaving.

Ukrainian’s Hutsul ethnic minority is keeping a century-old weaving tradition alive by using the same tools and techniques that their people have for generations. In war and in peace, they’re determined to keep their craft alive,

A number of these beautiful items can be purchased through the WovenWoolArt Etsy shop.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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