Two Dachshunds and a Weimaraner Make Up a Trio of Cuddly Canines Who Are the Very Best of Friends

In 2013, we wrote about a beautiful Weimaraner named Harlow and a little dachshund puppy named Indiana (Indi), who had just come into Harlow’s life after Sage, Harlow’s previous partner-in-crime, passed away at the age of 13 from a heart condition. The two dogs immediately took to each other like fish to water. In the three years since that time, both Harlow and Indi welcomed a second dachshund puppy named Reese into their lives, their hearts and most importantly, under their covers, particularly since the trio of hounds love to nap with each other readily nearby. They also occasionally like to do other things such as model alongside each other, argue with each other, dress up together, and go camping.

Couch Puptatoes

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