Harlow the Weimaraner and Indi the Dachshund Are Best Friends

Harlow and Indi Side by Side

There’s a new kid in town. Indianna (Indi) the dachshund puppy has joined up with Harlow the Weimaraner of Harlow and Sage fame on Instagram. Sadly, Harlow’s sidekick and “big sister” Sage passed away in September at the age of 13.

We said goodbye to our very best friend Sage on Monday night. Sage was 13 and had some problems with her little heart. We are going to miss her very much but we are happy that she is not struggling anymore. She has most likely traveled to a place where it is legal for dogs to eat chocolate. She loved chocolate! Sage was the most wonderful big sister to Harlow. She taught Harlow lots of amazing tricks such as: The art of cuddling, climbing tall shelves to get treats and, how to properly go dumpster diving for leftover food! Sage was notorious for overeating! We are going to miss her happy spirit so much.

While no dog can replace another, Harlow and Indi have since become the best of friends, seeming to honor the memory of Sage.

Harlow and Indi Backpack

Harlow and Indi Bed

Harlow and Indi Halloween

Harlow and Indi Hug

Indi Smile

And of course, this post would not be complete without a good picture of Harlow and Sage together:

Harlow and Sage Snuggle