Two Adorable ‘Star Wars’ Statues Based on Best-Selling Children’s Books by Jeffrey Brown

Darth Vader’s Little Princess
Darth Vader’s Little Princess Maquette Box Set

Gentle Giant Studios and Chronicle Books teamed up to create two adorable statues based on scenes from best-selling children’s books “Darth Vader and Son” and “Vader’s Little Princess” by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown. One statue shows a little Princess Leia cutting heart shapes out of her father’s black cape and the other has young Luke Skywalker giving big daddy Vader a Rebel-themed necktie as a gift. Each hand-numbered statue will come as part of a box set that includes a copy of the related book, black and white concept sketches by Jeffrey Brown, and more. The limited edition “Darth Vader and Son” and “Vader’s Little Princess” box sets are currently available to pre-order online from Gentle Giant Ltd. and will ship this summer.

The artisans at Gentle Giant Studios have captured this hilarious and sweet comic as re-imagining, Darth Vader as a dad like any other-except with all the baggage of being the Dark Lord of the Sith. Traditionally sculpted by the Artisans at Gentle Giant Studios, no detail has been overlooked.

Darth Vader and Son
Darth Vader and Son Maquette Box Set

images via Gentle Giant Ltd.

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