Twitxr, Location Based Microblogging With Photos


I’ve been playing around with Twitxr, a new microblogging service from FON Labs that includes location information, posting of photos and Facebook cross-posting, all features that I would love to see in integrated into Twitter. Of course you don’t have to give up Twitter to use Twitxr, you can configure Twitxr to automatically cross-post to your Twitter account and if you have uploaded an photo to Twitxr, a link to that image will show up on the Twitter post. Here’s my account on Twitxr.

A cool Twitxr feature is the Friends map, which shows your friends locations and when you click on their avatar it displays their last post.

One thing to note, in order to use their iPhone client you will need to jailbreak your iPhone, at least until Apple releases their SDK.

Of course I would use something like this a lot more if it were integrated with Flickr, where I post all of my photos, but for now it might be a good option for posting text and images from mobile devices.

Michael Arrington has more on the Twitxr launch over on TechCrunch.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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