Fascinating Facts About Tuxedo Cats

Mallory Crusta of Cats.com shared several fascinating facts about tuxedo cats, noting that while most of these cats are black and white, they can have coats of other colors. Like orange cats, tuxedos are not necessarily of the same breed.

The tuxedo cat is not a specific breed it is a specific type of pattern. So it is this pattern of two coat colors and it kind of forms a tuxedo like shape where they have this white patch on their chest. Maybe they have little white gloves on their paws and they tend to have that white chest piece kind of come up over their face. So it’s kind of a masked pattern.

She also addresses that not all black and white cats are tuxedos, they don’t need tuxedo parents, and that tuxedos and other black cats may have more trouble getting adopted than other cats.

You’ve probably heard that black cats are more likely to spend more time in a shelter and are less likely to be adopted compared to cats of other colors and there does seem to be some solid evidence for this being true, though it varies from shelter to shelter and we see kind of a similar pattern with tuxedo or black and white cats.