A Beautiful Longhaired Tuxedo Cat Shows Off His New Prosthetic Back Paws After a Severe Injury

A beautiful longhaired tuxedo cat named Pooh proudly strutted around on his new set of prosthetic back paws that had been successfully implanted after his legs had been crushed, possibly by a passing train. A compassionate man found the severely injured Pooh and brought him to Let’s Adopt Bulgaria, a wonderful organization in Sofia that seeks to help injured animals get back on their feet (so to speak).

The organization turned Dr. VladislavZlatinov from the Central Vet Clinic, a practice that finds creative solutions to allow an animal to not only survive, but to live a good life. Dr. Zlatinov decided upon ITAP prosthetics for Pooh, a procedure that anchored the prosthetics directly into Pooh’s bones, giving him the proper balance he needed as a healthy cat.

(translated) Pooh lived well in a small village in North Bulgaria until one day he appeared at the usual place – not right and trailing; not all, but a torn and crushed hind legs. The reason – Pooh loved chasing mice around the rails of a nearby crossing, probably suffered from a passing train. … The fact is that prosthetics saved not only Pooh’s legs, but his life. ITAP prosthetics in Bulgaria has already set precedent – a procedure which will ensure a normal life for injured and maimed pets and their families.

Donations to help Let’s Adopt Bulgaria continue this noble world can be easily made through their website, which takes credit cards and PayPal.

Pooh Injured

Pooh Feet

One Foot

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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