Irish Comedian Hilariously Narrates His Father’s Attempt to Catch a Wayward Bat in the Kitchen

While watching his dad run around their County Kerry kitchen in an attempt to catch a wayward bat, Irish filmmaker and comedian Tadhg Fleming took it upon himself to hilariously narrate the situation from a safe place in the utility closet. In doing so, he paid careful attention to his father’s rapid movements, his mam hiding behind a glass door and a poor, cowering puppy who could do nothing but piss himself. Fleming described the chaotic scene in an interview with the BBC.

My mam was doing the ironing and she had all the clothes on the table,”…She went outside the back and the minute she opened the back door, the bat flew in. I took out the phone and started videoing. My dad was in here – he took on the bat, one-on-one. He actually grabbed one of the towels my mam was ironing and then he went for a bigger towel. It was just pure chaos.

Chasing a Bat in the Kitchen