The Devastating Effect of Troublesome Tumbleweeds

Tumbleweed Trouble

The ever-insightful CGP Grey (previously) takes a look at those iconic tumbleweeds that often signify a deserted town in fictional narratives. This trope is not too far from the truth as Grey explains, as these tumbles are incredibly devastating whatever they touch. Tumbleweeds can mow down neighborhoods, trap vehicles and set farms afire. If that’s not enough destruction, it’s incredibly difficult to remove them as they are dry, sticky and thorny.

If you’ve never seen tumbles on the move or the aftermath of that, it’s unreal. And though a tumble drift looks like a brown snowdrift, this snow is full of thorns. If you’re thinking of a rose, think again. On tumbles, it’s all thorns. Brittle too to break off in your skin, or horse-skin, where it can fester. Clearing tumbleweed isn’t just painful but also infuriating: a tumbleweed drift is both bouncy and sticky. You’re going to have to fork them, one at a time. Tedious at best. Sisyphean at worst.

The Trouble With Tumbleweed

Trouble With Tumbleweed

Wanted Tumbleweed

Grey also added a behind-the-scenes director’s cut.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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