Rescued Tripod Dog Gets a Custom 3D Printed Leg

Tech video producer Marques Brownlee visited the New Jersey studio of 3D Pets where he documented their advanced process of fitting a rescued tripod dog with a custom 3D printed prosthetic leg. Their process is technologically advanced, using an iPhone to measure, scan, and fit.

Alright, so I got to visit the studio of 3D Pets – they’ve been developing a process where they use an iPhone to scan, fit and 3D Print prosthetics for pets of all shapes and sizes, and it’s exactly the wholesome, awesome story you’d expect.

The dog, whose name is Cleo, was found wandering the streets of Oklahoma as a stray. It’s not known how she lost her front leg, nor did she seem to miss it in any way.

Cleo is an awesome dog. She’s one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever met. .. She was found on Petfinder after she spent some time as a stray in Oklahoma with injuries from unknown causes. Now hanging out with Cleo and just playing with her, like you’d almost forget, like you wouldn’t even know that she’s missing a leg ’cause she’s just running around, chasing stuff, playing fetch.

Despite Cleo’s indifference to her missing leg, it was important she get a prosthetic to avoid future skeletal issues.

Although she appears super healthy now, dogs that are missing limbs and any pets that are missing limbs are actually more likely to have things like arthritis and joint problems in their other limbs later in life ’cause they’re compensating for the missing limb. So she’s running around being awesome now, but it would be ideal for her long term to be supported

Here’s how 3D Pets create their custom prosthetics.

Here are some of their other adorable customers.


Is Risk not the cutest little thing ??? risk is a dachshund, missing her front right leg, so we built her a little cart to make getting around a little easier on her joints! Smaller dogs can sometimes have trouble with Prosthetics, but wheels also do the trick! #tripawd#tripaw#tripawdsoftiktok#tripawdog#3leggeddog#dogprosthetic#dogprosthetics#animalprosthetics#dogcart#dogsoftiktok

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Hanging out with Pokyman at the @gowildhearts head quarters! They help dogs like Poky get the support they need! Poky has front limb deformities so his cart really helps when he has the zoomies!! #dogwheelchair #dogcart #dogswithdisabilities #animalnonprofit #tripawd #animalprosthetics

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Although many of our videos portray many animals successes’ it’s import to remember how much hard work and dedication both the animals and owners have to improving the quality life for these animals? ?? #animalprosthetics #fyp #adorableanimals

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