Clever Booby Traps That Deter Trick or Treaters From Taking More Than One Piece of Candy

Mark Rober, who cleverly deterred porch pirates with a mechanical glitter fart bomb, figured out several different booby trap contraptions to similarly, yet safely deter greedy Trick or Treaters who took more than their fair share of candy.

 These guys just stole my entire bowl of Halloween candy, even though the sign clearly says take one. But what they don’t realize is I’ve spent a year preparing for this exact situation.

Being that he is an accomplished engineer, Rober employed the strategic use of technology to get the point across creatively.

Candy thieves will have to deal with booby traps, such as silly string, collapsible tables, full-size candy bars being swapped for toothbrushes, actual human hands to stop the thievery that just materialize out of nowhere, and even some high tech systems producing wanted posters of themselves all over the neighborhood, which means they get offered the healthy candy bowl.

Candy Thief Deterrent