‘Totino’s Super Bowl Activity Pack For Women’, An SNL Sketch Poking Fun at How Women Keep Busy During the Big Game

Last night, Saturday Night Live had a little fun at the expense of the upcoming Super Bowl with “Totino’s Super Bowl Activity Pack For Women“, an acerbic sketch that poked fun at how women occupy themselves when they’re not making “delicious Totino’s Pizza Rolls” and other yummy snacks for their “hungry guys” watching the game.

I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me. I normally just wait in the kitchen waiting for them to ask for more delicious Totino’s Pizza roles but that can be so boring. Well, not anymore. Introducing Totino’s new Super Bowl Activity Pack for Women. It’s full of fun puzzles and games to keep my mind active while I wait back here. My hungry guys are not the only ones having fun around here. With my Super Bowl Activity Pack for Women, I can spin a little top, connect the dots…do a word search…count my own money and plenty of other activities.