A Pampered Sulcata Tortoise Is Dressed Up in Cute Little Outfits That Match Her Adoring Humans

A pampered sulcata tortoise named Ethel who is “waited on hand and claw” by her adoring and very creative humans Kasey Cauliflower and Daniel Rodriguez. The trio lives in Sonoma, California and enjoys dressing up in coordinating outfits while going out for a walk, on an adventure or even just at home for a spa day or a bit of yoga.

Kasey Kuchinski, 33, and Daniel Rodriguez, 33, from Sonoma, California, USA, got the idea of dressing up their four-year-old pet tortoise after spotting an Instagram trend of families in matching outfits. Ethel, a 20lb Sulcata tortoise is very pampered, has countless different outfits for every occasion.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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