Extroverted Tortoise Asks People for Butt Scratches While Out Walking Around Her Neighborhood

A very outgoing tortoise named Ethel loves to go out walking with her humans Kasey and Dan, stopping every so often to sniff the grass or ask for a butt scratch from a neighbor. When she’s done walking, Ethel has a stroller that fits her very well.

We like to take her out to the neighborhood … It is quite a show every time we do. to see a 60 lb tortoise walking down the street …we try to do it two three times a month and the weather has to be warm enough and sunny ..she has a stroller because when she’s done she’s done and we can’t carry home a 60 pound tortoise.

The pair adopted Ethel when she was no bigger than Kasey’s hand and then she started growing, and growing, and growing. Yet no matter what, Ethel will always be a part of the Arwin family.

Ethel is 100% part of our family and will always be. We can grow old with her and our son will grow up with her. we really cherish that and think that’s so special and such a unique opportunity.

Tortoise Butt Scratches
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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