New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Declares Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny as Essential Workers

While New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was addressing the nation with an update to the current situation that required people to stay indoors, she noted with a smile, that two very important roles in her constituency’s lives were now to be considered essential workers.

The first is the Tooth Fairy and the other is the Easter Bunny. Ardern noted, however, that this is a busy time of year for the Easter Bunny, so he may not come around to every house. She instead offered a couple of suggestions to enjoy the time of year while staying safe at the same time.

I have a bit of an idea that maybe, in lieu of the bunny being able to make it to your home, you can create your own Easter hunt for all the children in your neighborhood. So if you’re one of those homes that have had a Teddy [bear] in your front window, maybe draw an Easter egg and pop it into your front window and help children in your neighborhood with their own Easter egg hunt because the Easter Bunny might not get everywhere this year.