Canadian Comedian Pays Hilarious Tribute to Vlogger Tom Scott With a Perfect Imitation of His Distinct Style

Canadian comedian Matt Colbo paid hilarious tribute to vlogger Tom Scott with an exaggerated but pitch-perfect imitation. Using Scott’s rather distinctive style of speaking along with his wardrobe, Colbo went to examine a random field in the middle nowhere in Russia.

This field right here in the middle of nowhere in Russia doesn’t look that useful because it’s not. Nobody, not me, not locals, not tourists care about this field…Nobody likes this field. In the early 20th century, the British army bombed this location on eight separate occasions stating that just knowing it existed, even though it was 2,000 miles away, it was enough to disrupt the sleep of 45 percent of London’s upper class. But the field is still here.

Colbo stated that this was all in good fun and that Tom Scott is one of his favorite vloggers.

Much love to Tom, no ill-intent, of course.