Todoist, A Simple Online To-Do List & Task Manager


I’ve been searching for a good online task manager for a while. I checked the various 37signals services, including Ta-Da List, which are all great services. I used the excellent Remember The Milk for a while. I even tried using Google Notebook for to-do lists and a task manager. I finally settled on Todoist, which was created by Danish developer Amir Salihefendic earlier this year.

Todoist is fast, simple and elegant. It has most of the features I’ve been looking for and they are always adding new stuff. I’m now hooked and use it constantly to stay organized, including the mobile version of Todoist, which works great on my iPhone. In fact I like Todoist so much I’ve even upgraded to their premium version.

Some favorite Todoist features are its super streamlined and easy to navigate interface which has just the right amount of AJAX functionality, keyboard shortcuts, date insertion & queries and reminders via IM and Twitter. Plus they have an open API allowing for the development of things like the Todoist widgets.