1 Wall / 25 Gears, A Benefit For Todd Blair

Todd Blair

[Ed. note: I originally posted this on my other site, Scott has kindly asked that I re-post it here, and I am happy to oblige.]

It’s always hard to have one of your own down. The accident happens, the drama occurs, the people flurry to help, it’s what everyone’s talking about, and we all revel in the joy of community and grow closer in tragedy.

It’s one of the only good things that comes out of something like this, and it’s an important facet of living, but what we forget is that time keeps going, and that help and virtuousness of feeling and closeness dissipates into what-project-are-you-working-on, oh-man-my-car-broke-down, what-are we-doing-this-weekend, etc etc.

Sometimes people forget that even though the high drama has passed, the wounds are still there, insurance still needs to be supplemented, rehab is still going on, and Our Man still has a long way to go.

It’s singular to note, then, that even though it’s no longer the event of the moment, even though the casual observer has drifted off into the next huge thing, that there is a core of dedicated, loving people who make sure to remember their friend, and bloody well make sure that everyone else remembers him too. It’s the kind of community (jeez I hate that word) that anyone would be proud to be a part of.

Todd Blair was injured in an accident at RoboDock almost one year ago. He’s fighting the good fight for long, long time, and will still be fighting well into next year.

Behind the scenes, people like Nina Alter, Mark Pauline, Amy Critchett, and dozens upon dozens of others have made a huge effort to set up a brand spanking new Todd Website, and to orchestrate a completely awesome fundraiser at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda. So join us for the unveiling of 1 Wall/25 Gears on July 20th, the latest benefit for Todd Blair and his partner Alex Ismerio:

July 20th 2008, come celebrate!
The Wall of gears built by all our hard-working gear-makers will come to life at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda.
3pm – 8pm
2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda CA 94501

$5 to $500 donation at the door
All donations are tax deductible
All Ages Welcome

1 Wall / 25 Gears is a 7′ x 8′ kinetic monument of aluminum gears being sponsored and built by 25 artists and artist organizations, in honor of and to financially support Todd Blair. This event is to celebrate Todd, the gear-maker’s efforts… and of course, to have plenty of fun doing all of the above and then some!

+ Witness The Wall built throughout the day
+ Food, Drinks, Raffle, DIY Shirts, Performance
+ DJs Matt Heckert, Kal Spellitch, Mori Pauline

· DIY Shirts with Amy Jenkins
· Laloos Goat Milk Icecream
· Flaming Lotus Girls Feathers
· Bissap Baobob Senegalese food
· Maze Diako drummers
· Dogs Steamed by Shannon O’Hares Steam car
· Kyrsten & her Amazing Bellydancers
· Joan Ryan reading
· Raffle of amazingness

Even if you can’t make it, do try to send Alex and Todd a little bit of cash, they are struggling and even with all the lovin’, it ain’t easy. As my Uncle Christine says, “Chip in, hippie. Remember – next time it might be you.”

If nothing else, it’s going to be a screaming fun time, so if you are anywhere near the Bay Area on the 20th, do pop in.

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photo by k0re