A Tiny Dachshund With a Giant Personality

A mini-dachshund named Wilson may be tiny in stature but has a giant personality to make up for it. He also has an adorable habit of stomping down his human Jules’ apartment hallway, earning him the nickname “Thunder Paws”.

The first week he knew exactly in the apartment building where our door was. And for being such a little guy that really didn’t weigh much at all, he would just pound down the hall straight to our door….he had one mission and would absolutely shoot there after he went out. So he was going with the name Thunder Paws.

Wilson is truly petite. In fact, he was smaller than a human’s shoe when she first brought him home.

When I first saw him I was absolutely shocked by his size. He’s about two and a half pounds three pounds. A tiny little guy that would literally get lost in the grass. He was like barely above the grass level. He was the size of my boyfriend’s shoe.

Jules also stated that Wilson is very smart.

Incredibly wise beyond his years. He is totally an old soul in terms of his intelligence in terms of his ability to read the room and interact with people. …He has a sophisticated presence.