Tin Foil Hats That Shield the Thoughts of Conspiracy Loving Cats (and Their Equally Concerned Humans)

Tin Foil Hats for Cats

Because it feels like the whole world is going crazy, novelty retailer Archie McPhee has created a handy tin foil hat for conspiracy loving felines who are concerned about privacy rights. This protective hat has earholes cut out for a perfect fit and will properly shield a cat’s thoughts from anyone who may be listening.

They want to know what your cat is thinking. They want to control your cat’s thoughts. Not on our watch! We’ve made a Tin Foil Hat for Cats to make sure that kitty’s thoughts stay private. This mylar hat fits most cats, has a comfy felt lining and is held in place with an elastic strap. It even has holes for cat ears! Take that, Illuminati

Molly the Cat Tin Foil Hat
Red Cat Tin Foil Hat

Tabby Tin Foil Hat

They also have a Tin Foil Hat for humans who are equally concerned about who’s out there listening.

A Tin Foil Hat is a necessity of modern life. One of the most irritating parts of being under constant, long-distance electronic thought observations is having to make a new tin foil hat every day.

Human Tin Foil Hat
Tin Foil Hat

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