This., A New Site That Only Allows Users to Share One Link Per Day


This. is a new site created by Andrew Golis that only allows users to share one link per day. Users can follow each other, but their interactions are limited to clicking “Thanks” on links they appreciate other people sharing.

In online communities it is common for users to show support for a posted link or comment by simply replying with the word “this” or using the word in front of a link. The site is currently in beta and people can only join it with an invitation from a current user.

This. is a place to find and share the web’s best stories, ideas and arguments. Each user can share just 1 link a day.

We’re in that early, invite-only beta stage! Ask your friends if they’ve got an invite.

image via This.

via The New York Times

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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