The Wide World of Weird Speakers

Freakin weird speaker

A friend and I at work started talking about weird speakers, so… here’s the results of a couple hours of surfing and gawking.

First let’s start with the affordable, I noticed these on a Korean site, but actually Scott has covered them before:

giant earbuds.

To paraphrase Monty Python: These are the biggest earbuds you’ll ever see! They cost like $50. Let’s move quickly on…

Best line: “The iPod speaker that comes with built-in tuna“. Somehow Scott hadn’t blogged this before, I am incredibly grateful.

The Ice Cream Sundae speakers will run you $1250 per pair–sweet deal!

SG Custom Sound

From SG Custom Sound who carry a bunch of wild designs. Now let’s go waaay upmarket…

The Nautilus from B&W runs $60K and it’s Cephalopodonous so it gets points for that!


The Muon speakers from KEF were designed by Ross Lovegrove, are made of aluminum, weigh 253 pounds, and are 7′ tall–see Engadget for more details.


They had an incredible launch event for these at the Milan Furniture Fair 2007–check the video. They cost $140K and they only made 100 pairs. For some reason I can’t find any of those pairs for sale on eBay at the moment. :((

And last to mention are the Grand Enigma, a one-of-a-kind set by Kharma, which cost $1,000,000. I won’t even show you a picture cuz they are bigger than they are pretty. And you can’t have them anyway.

Poking around on this theme I found several pages dedicated to cataloging Weird Speakers, enjoy:

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photos by (in order) old valve mic, tnarik, SG Custom Sound, X Ge and kaitlin_lo


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