The Unexpected Benefits of Allowing the Mind to Wander and Zone Out

The latest episode of the animated New York Magazine video series “The Science of Us” explains why constant mindfulness isn’t always required and how the creativity that’s developed while zoning out can help develop your brain in a positive way.

Minds wander. They’re pulled towards unresolved issues and future goals. During those spaced out periods, creative insights, ideas you never would have consciously connected, seem to come together on their own suddenly it becomes clear why your best friend seemed distant at dinner last night or what you should buy your dad for his birthday. But with mindfulness, you can get so caught up in the present moment that there’s no room for ideas to find you. Want to maximize your creative mind? Let your mind wander while you’re doing routine tests when you can be on autopilot. It’s much easier and safer to space out. That’s one reason why you’re so likely to have “eureka” moments in the shower and on the subway.