The Underdogs Project, The Soft Underbelly of Dogs Captured Under Glass in Fundraising Photo Calendar

While doing a report for the Urban Pet Gazette, photographers Jason Kenzie and Tanya Ryan captured the adorable soft underbellies of various unsuspecting dogs as they sat atop a clear glass table. The duo put together this adorable series as a calendar in order to raise money. Entitled “The Underdogs Project“, the fundraising benefits the Thank Dog I’m Out, a dog rescue society in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It was an accomplishment unseen in the making. What started out as a project to see what an under belly of a dog would look like, turned out to be a mission to raise awareness about the welfare of our animal friends. While on assignment for The urbanpetgazette Tania Ryan and myself reported a story about “Thank Dog I Am Out” a dog rescue society out of Vancouver, British Columbia dedicated to saving the lives of canine friends trapped in Kill shelters around North America.”Dead dog wagging” didn’t cut it with us and we were on the tale to finding the scoop. So when we met Susan Patterson the founder of TDIAO Tania and I really wanted to help, so we decided to produce The Underdogs Project a calendar of 12 dogs showing off their bellies to raise funds. Making a difference was our reward.

via My Modern Met