The Shoe That Grows, An Adjustable Shoe for Children Designed to Resize and Last for Five Years

The Shoe That Grows is an affordable and adjustable shoe designed to resize and last for five years. It was created by Because International as a way to help children in poor areas have the protection of shoes, and to solve the problem of children growing out of shoes so quickly.

The shoe is adjustable in three ways, allowing it to expand five sizes, and it’s made from durable and long-lasting materials. The two versions of the shoe, small and large, allow a child to have reliable footwear from kindergarten through the 9th grade.

Pairs of The Shoe That Grows can be purchased directly through their website, and donations can be made to get the shoes on the feet of the children who need them through a Crowdrise campaign.

shoe that grows

shoe that grows 2

images via Demilked

via Instructables, Demilked