The Rolling Stones Age Together From 1962-2018 to a Soundtrack of Their Songs in a Brilliant Timelapse

Video artist Angel Nene, who created a really wonderful video series in which photos of celebrities are seamlessly morphed into live 3D timelapses and accompanied by time appropriate soundtracks, did the same for the long running Rolling Stones.

The aging process begins in 1962 and goes through present day. Along the way there were some changes in the band. Mick Taylor joined in 1969 when Brian Jones unexpectedly died. Ronnie Wood joined up when Taylor left the band in 1974. Bill Wyman left in 1993, with a variety of musicians filling in for him.

Live face change of The Stones and studio album chronology between year 1960 and 2017. Accompanied by some of his best songs (Satisfaction, Paint it black, Angie, Wild Horses, Jumpin Jack Flash, Start Me Up, Miss You, Honky Tonk Women, Love Is Strong, Ruby Tuesday, It’s Only Rock n Roll, Sympathy For The Devil…) . Pictures taken from studio photos, interviews, documentaries, live in concert, tour moments, celeb events, etc.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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