Amazing Video Showing the Beatles Aging Together From 1960-2017 to a Soundtrack of Their Songs

Angelo DiCarpio has created a really wonderful video series in which photos of celebrities are seamlessly morphed into live 3D timelapses and accompanied by soundtracks appropriate for each time period of their respective careers. In one such video for The Beatles, DiCarpio captured the Fab Four aging together using a wonderful compilation of their music from 1960-2017, placing an ongoing candle for John Lennon in 1980 and for George Harrison in 2001.

Live face change of The Beatles and studio album chronology between year 1960 and 2017. Accompanied by some of his best songs together or in solitary. Pictures taken from studio photos, interviews, documentaries, live in concert, tour moments, celeb events, etc.

Nene also morphed the band Nirvana using the same aging technique.

Nene also does transformation videos for individuals, as in the case of the guitarist Jimmy Page and separately bandmate Robert Plant.

via Boing Boing