The Real Life San Francisco Superheroes Who Try to Make the City a Little Safer for Everyone

In the final mini-documentary for the AARP series “Fearless At 50“, filmmaker T.J. Cooney speaks with Roxanne Cai aka “Rock N Roll”. Cai, a motorcycle riding musician, heads up the California Hero Initiative: San Francisco, a group of wonderfully costumed superheroes who roam the streets of San Francisco in order to make the city a little safer for everyone.

Their mission is to mobilize their community, by any means necessary, in an effort to clean up the streets, improve the quality of life, and give children a safer city. To date, they have picked up over 7,000 heroine needles, clothed thousands of the homeless, and provided food to those who would have otherwise gone without a meal. Roxanne and her fellow activists are some of today’s real super heroes, and this piece celebrates their work.




images via Roxanne Cai

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips