The PaperPhone, A Flexible Screen Smartphone


The PaperPhone is a smartphone prototype that uses a flexible electronic paper display in place of a traditional touchscreen. Paperphone users can bend the display to make various inputs in the phone’s interface, and the flexibility of the screen also makes the phone more durable. PaperPhone was developed in Kingston, Ontario by researchers at the Queen’s University Human Media Lab.

PaperPhone is the world’s first nextgen, thin film smartphone and interactive paper computer. It is based on a 3.7″ flexible electrophoretic (E Ink) display that does not consume electricity when it is not refreshed. Thinfilm sensors allow the phone to respond to bending of the screen to navigate pages in ebooks, play or pause mp3s, make phone calls, or navigate apps. A flexible wacom tablet allows users to draw on the screen with a pen as if it were a sheet of paper.

via TreeHugger & The Vancouver Sun

E.D.W. Lynch
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