The Most Common Reasons Given For Not Voting in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

In response to his brother Hanks‘s very succinct explanation of how to vote in every state and territory, author and vlogger John Green presented the six most common reasons given for not voting in the 2016 United States Presidential Election and his eloquent counter to each. Green also spoke about a time he didn’t vote because he had just moved to another state.

…I had no idea how to register and suddenly I looked up and the deadline had passed. It’s true that the system makes it hard for people who move around a lot to vote but I lacked the fortitude to stand up to that system and it’s one of the great shames of my life. I feel like I failed my community and myself and also people who live far away from me who desperately want the opportunity that I took for granted. Of course my vote wouldn’t have changed the outcomes in any elections but the combined votes of even ten percent of the thousands of people who were like me – that would have changed some outcomes. If you’re eligible to vote in the United States I’m asking you to become a registered and informed voter and to make your voice heard. Even if it’s hard, in fact especially if it’s hard