Astronaut Is Told ‘The Moon’s Not That Great’ as She Returns From Lunar Mission in an Insightful Animation

“The Moon’s Not That Great” is a short, award-winning animated film by Mathieu Libman that tells the story of a female astronaut who returns from a pioneering trip from the moon. As she returns to Earth she encounters a filmmaker who wants to tell her amazing story. Despite his excitement, she finds that her incredible journey has been dismissed by the public at large for something bigger, brighter, and shinier – namely Mars.

The astronaut’s accomplishment has been diminished, the filmmaker’s story is changed and coopted to reflect the new popular interest. While this is happening, a young bear finds a unicycle and spends time under the moonlight learning to ride it and the moon threatens to leave for good. Out in their cars trying to stop what has been put in motion, the astronaut and the filmmaker accidentally end up at the same place at the same time, only to find there is joy in simple things.

After an astronaut returns from her lunar mission to find that the public lost all interest in the moon, the stories of the astronaut, a film director, and a bear intersect.

via Vimeo Staff Picks