The MAD Fold-In Collection, Al Jaffee Fold-In Cartoons From 1964-2010

Chronicle Books has published The MAD Fold-In Collection: 1964-2010 is a compendium of 410 MAD magazine fold-in cartoons by Al Jaffee. Jaffee, now 90 and still working for MAD, was interviewed earlier this year by the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Al Jaffee’s fold-ins, on the inside back cover of virtually every issue of MAD Magazine since 1964, have become an icon of American humor. Generations have grown up with Jaffee’s inspired skewerings of our foibles and cultural conundrums. Issue after issue, each Fold-in requires the reader to simply fold the page so that arrow A meets arrow B to reveal the hidden gag image, a simple idea that masks both undeniable artistic ingenuity and comic timing. In this deluxe four-volume set, each of the 410 fold-ins is reproduced at its original size, with a digital representation of the corresponding “folded” image on the following page (so collectors won’t have to “fold” their book to get the jokes).

via Boing Boing