Musician Hilariously Remixes a Noisy Cat Saying ‘Num Num’ While He Drinks Into a Catchy Instrumental Song

As many of us know, lots of cats will say adorable things such as “yum yum” and “nom nom nom” as they eat and drink. South African musician David Scott of The Kiffness hilariously remixed the sound of one such noisy feline named Leo into a really catchy looping tune.

The Kiffness X NumNum Cat (Live Looping Balkan Remix)

After doing this, Scott recruited Brazilian violinist Amanda Barbalho, Australian accordionist Little Miss Squeezebox (Nikki Dagostino), German percussionist Benjamin Rocks and Australian horn player SamT to record a fabulous international remix of Leo’s lovely libations.

Once again, a cat brings people from around the world together in music! Anumanumnumnumnum!

Here’s the original video that inspired this musical remix.

Scott previously remixed the sounds of another cat known as the Alugalug Cat.

This cat was also remixed in international style.

In May 2021, I did a collab with a cat. And then people from all over the world joined in!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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