The ‘InterCative Experiment’ by Poopy Cat, A Fun Interactive Quiz That Helps Determine a Cat’s Personality

Cat Personality

Poopy Cat, the wonderful cat litter box company who likes to have a little fun with their marketing, has created the “InterCative Experiment“, an interactive quiz that requires humans to respond to questions regarding their cat’s behavior, playfulness, response to stimuli and sleep habits in order to get a general idea of the feline’s personality. I performed this test with Taki Zaru, one of Laughing Squid’s two office cats. The result was spot-on because Taki is truly a “cuddle bug“.

All cats are sweet, but your cat is the sweetest. They are able to show affection and receive cuddles from anybody willing to lend their hands. These cats will not cause problems any other than the occasional mix-up with a pillow. They show nothing but sweetness and love. This sweet behavior does not mean active playtime, Cuddle Bug cats are not always interested in playing. We can relate, why would you play if you could be pet all day long! And petting them is rewarding, they purr loudly and crawl up against you. Good times. Cuddle bugs trust you completely, they will follow you every step, even if they visit the vet! These sweet creatures of love cannot get enough of you. At night they may need to stay in your bed, she needs it. Be blessed with such a happy and wonderful feline in your life!


Intercative Quiz

Intercative Fish

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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