‘The Impression Guys’, An Original YouTube Series About Two Impressionists Trying To Become Serious Actors

Episode 1 – “Series Premiere

The Impression Guys is a funny original YouTube series focusing on Jim Meskimen and Ross Marquand, two impressionists who are looking to find work a serious actors. The series was written by Ben Shelton and consists of six half-hour episodes, all available now on the Soul Pancake YouTube channel. Soul Pancake was founded by Rainn Wilson of The Office, Devon Gundry, and Joshua Homnick. Here are our previous posts on Jim Meskimen, Ross Marquand and Piotr Michael.

Episode 2 – “The Worst Impression

Episode 3 – “No Turning Back

Episode 4 – “To Be or Not To Be

Episode 5 – “The Greater Danger

Episode 6 – “Nemesis

via LA Weekly, The Awesomer