The Iconic Jane Goodall Talks About Her Work With Wild Chimpanzees in a 2002 NPR Interview

In the latest episode of the wonderfully animated lost interview series “Blank on Blank“, the iconic primatologist, anthropologist and author Jane Goodall spoke about her incredible work with the Kasakela chimpanzees at Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, how she got started in the field, her belief in the unlikely and the humility required in order to connect with animals. The interview took place in 2002 with NPR journalist Ira Flatow for his “Science Friday” radio show.

I think I’d like to be remembered as someone who really helped people to have a little humility and realize that we are part of the animal kingdom not separated from it. When I do go back to Gombe it’s to be in that timeless world where it’s soft and where life is entwined and you actually see the pattern of nature. I always feel this great spiritual power which I believe is around.

Jane Goodall

Ms. Oliver appeared as John Oliver‘s (no relation) guest on an October 2014 episode of Last Week Tonight