Anthropomorphizing Creativity to Determine Humanity

Human Test Regarding Your Creativity

In a departure from his hilariously insightful videos regarding the animal kingdom, the very candid Ze Frank turns his documentarian eye to another anthropomorphized creature – human creativity. Frank analyzes this particular ability as if it were an animal in the wild, posing a series of questions about it as a test for the viewer to pass in order to prove their humanity.

Have you faced that moment when you realize that what your creativity had in mind was a bit beyond your capabilities and you’ve had to ask it politely if it would perhaps maybe consider something a bit easier. …Have you thought that in those moments you’re feeling some small part of the inside shape of you and have you been grateful to have this mute sparkling twin inside? The twin that will never exist or have a voice in the world except through you, regardless of your skill or how others receive you. Something inside that knows what fits. If you answered yes to five or more of these you are a human. This concludes the human test