The Head Winemaker of Brooklyn Winery Talks About Making Wine in an Urban Environment

Potluck video (previously) talks with Conor McCormack, the head winemaker at Brooklyn Winery about making wine at an urban winery .

The concept behind this was really to bring wine making to the people, to life that veil so that people really have access. There’s definitely pros and cons to it. As far as the equipment, and as far as processing it and making the wine, that’s exactly the same. …Being in New York City, we’re not in a growing AVA, what it’s called, so I feel like I can pull the resources we have available, so from great AVA’s around the country.

Brooklyn Winery is located on 8th Street in the heart of North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a half block from the Bedford L Train Stop.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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