The Green Man Theme & Poster For Burning Man 2007

The Green Man

Each year Burning Man has a unique theme and in 2007 it is The Green Man. Talented Bay Area artist and long-time Burning Man participant Dominic Tinio has created a beautiful Green Man poster in honor of this year’s theme.

Peering outward from behind a mottled screen of vines and leaves, the Green Man does not speak or sleep; he waits. His meaning and his origins are largely lost to time — the Green Man wasn’t named till 1939. We know, however, that this type of enigmatic figure was the work of artists, anonymous craftsman whose unsigned work adorns the crevices and walls of medieval cathedrals. This year we will appropriate the Green Man and the primeval spell he casts on our imaginations for a modern purpose. Our theme concerns humanity’s relationship to nature. Do we, as conscious beings, exist outside of nature’s sway, or does its force impel us and inform the central root of who and what we are?