The Food Warriors Visit the Most Popular Roti Shops Among the Locals of Richmond Hill, Queens

The two-party system works.

In their latest episode on the Internets Celebrities channel, the Food Warriors duo of Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam took the A Train to the Ozone Park – Lefferts Boulevard station in Queens, New York to explore the favorite eateries among the racially diverse Richmond Hill locals. Most people recommended roti shops of all names and flavors, so the pair decided to try Sandy’s and New Thriving Restaurants.

The demographics here are a globe-spanning mix of the West and East Indies. Richmond Hill is called “Little Guyana” for the prevailing influence of that South American nation (a British colony until 1966), but the Caribbean islands (particularly Trinidad) and Indian subcontinent are in the mix as well. The combination is literally delicious, and this area might be the richest for food options that we’ve seen so far. Trini Roti shops, Chinese-Guyanese hybrids, restaurants that sell clothes out front and do your taxes in the back.