The Food Warriors Look for a Place to Eat Outside the Broadway Junction Subway Stop in East New York, Brooklyn

In their latest episode on the Internets Celebrities channel, the Food Warriors duo of Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam took the A train, as they always do, to the Broadway Junction stop in East New York, Brooklyn where they polled passersby as to where they could find the best place to eat in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that easy to find a good place to eat in such an industrial area, but after looking a bit, they found Paphos Diner where they had a great meal.

I really didn’t know what we were going to find out here. I’ve been through that station so many times …I’m just kind of happy that we find these places on our journey. These tiny little gems, these tiny oases that we didn’t really know were here. Looking at it from the other platform, you don’t see what’s going on on the next block. You don’t really see what’s going on around the corner.