The Food Surgeon Carefully Conjoins a Pair of Girl Scout Tagalong Cookies

The Food Surgeon closely skimmed Human Centipede territory when they surgically conjoined a couple of Girl Scout Tagalongs. The surgeon began the procedure by carefully scraping the chocolate off the top of each innocent cookie then injecting several cc’s of raspberry jam and finished it all off with a shot of melted bittersweet chocolate chips.

Surgeon’s notes:
1:01 – Yes, you will do nicely.
1:41 – It’s time for the curette.
1:55 – I’m going to face-vacuum this pile of chocolate.
3:09 – Note to self: Seeds from the raspberries keep clogging the syringe. Use seedless variety of jelly in future.
3:25 – Patient is looking delicious.
4:00 – Sealing with molton chocolate is perhaps a futile endeavor. Dat chocolate doe.
4:32 – Patient is delicious.