The Foo Fighters Invite a Fan On Stage To Perform the Vocals For Their Cover of ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush

While performing in Edmonton, AB, Canada on August 12, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters invited a fan named Brian to come up on stage to perform the vocals of the classic Rush song “Tom Sawyer” after Grohl admitted that he didn’t know all the words.

Nobody knows every word to “Tom Sawyer”, you know what I mean? You don’t go to a karaoke bar and someone sings “Tom Sawyer”. …That guy knows “Tom Sawyer”? That dude – who knows all the words to “Tom Sawyer”? Who knows all the fuckin’ words? Who can actually sing and knows all the words to “Tom Sawyer”? Don’t bullshit me …Welcome to my nightmare

Despite his initial misgivings, Grohl seemed really happy, smiling widely whenever Brian hit a high note.

Earlier in the show when they were doing band intros and playing snippets of songs, Pat was intro’d playing a snippet of Tom Sawyer. Dave then said that if we reminded them later in the show, they would play Tom Sawyer in full. Fast forward to the 2nd last song of the show, and the crowd was chanting for Tom Sawyer, and Dave says he doesn’t know all the lyrics so he starts asking the crowd who actually knows all the lyrics AND can sing. This guy named Brian gets pulled from the floor onto the stage and sings Tom Sawyer. Definitely a highlight of the night, everyone in the building was loving it!

Here’s the performance from a different angle.

And the amazing original version.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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