‘The Dreary Coast’, An Outdoor Theater Work That Takes Place Along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn

“The Dreary Coast” is an upcoming immersive outdoor theater work that audiences will view from a boat on the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. The work, centered on the story of Charon, the boatman of the River Styx, will unfold in performances along the canal’s banks as the audience floats by. The show will occur at night and there will be only two small audiences per evening. Artist Jeff Stark, the man behind last year’s abandoned subway station dance party and the Nonsense NYC events list, is leading the project. He’s currently raising funds for “The Dreary Coast” on Kickstarter. Gothamist has more on Stark’s latest project.

The Dreary Coast is an original site-specific immersive work that takes place on the Gowanus Canal. Imagine the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at night in the middle of a crumbling industrial neighborhood.

Our story centers on the character Charon, the boatman on the River Styx. It’s got elements from Greek and Roman myths, pieces of Dante’s Inferno, and blasts of black metal.

It’s a tragedy. And it’s very funny.

The Dreary Coast

poster by Jason Engdahl

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