The DJ Mobile, An Art Car & Mobile DJ Setup by Olaf Mooij


Dj mobile

“The DJ Mobile” by Olaf Mooij is an art car that doubles as a DJ setup and 14 speaker sound system. We previously wrote about Mooij’s wonderful “Braincar.”

With 14 woofers, tweeters, and other loudspeakers boldly splaying in various directions out the back of a dark blue 1983 Ford Sierra, the DJ Mobile has a surreal, cartoonish look.

Not only does the car have a professional-quality Beyma sound system, but it’s also got a DJ setup, with a place to set up turntables and a mixer on the roof of the car. There’s a hole in the roof as well, where the DJ can stand and mix.

via Make

photos by Olaf Mooij

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