The Cooke Passage, The Recently Discovered Longest Land-to-Land Straight Line Ocean Route That Can Be Sailed on Earth

The Cooke Passage is the recently discovered longest land-to-land straight line ocean route that can be sailed on Earth. It was discovered by Robert Cooke, and he demonstrates the passage using Google Earth in a YouTube video.

The Cooke Passage begins and ends in Canada at the Gulf of St. Lawrence near Port-Cartier, Quebec, and Port Renfrew, British Columbia. The line is an estimated 22,229 miles long and just barely misses crossing in a few places.

I’ve discovered the longest land to land, ‘straight line’ ocean route on Earth. Over 2000 miles longer than the one from Kamchatka to Pakistan. Some helpful folks have pointed out that technically this would be the longest circumference and widest angle arc one can travel on Earth without hitting land, but is not, in fact a ‘line’. Saying ‘line’ is much easier and usually sufficient, but it turns out that in the vetting process exacting terms were required so ‘line’ is out, and ‘arc’ is in.

via The Presurfer