The Bark Side, Dogs Barking Star Wars Imperial March Theme in Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad

Dogs bark The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) from Star Wars in The Bark Side, a Volkswagen ad scheduled to air during Super Bowl XLVI.

UPDATE 1: The dog in the AT-AT costume at the end of the video appears to be Bones Mello, the popular AT-AT dog that we have posted about previously. It turns out that Bones’ owner Katie Mello was never contacted by VW, they instead appropriated the idea for the costume without giving Katie any compensation or attribution.

Here’s a statement from Katie (she also posted an update on Facebook):

That is not Bones in the VW Superbowl commercial. We did not know anything about it until the day it aired. We have received no compensation from anyone. We are all very sad and disappointed about the whole thing. More than a little flattered, but still sad and disappointed. Thanks again to all of the Bones Mello supporters out there. He loves each and every one of you unconditionally.

– Katie Mello

UPDATE 2: The VW ad ripoff has been picked-up by Jalopnik and Dogster.

via Jalopnik